Revamping an Old Pond

This spring Cedar Run Landscapes renovated an existing pond that had been installed by another contractor over 10 years ago. The liner had sagged in several places, the waterfall leaked, and the pond overall was not living up to the homeowner’s expectations.

  The existing pond prior to install

By adding a new filtration system, re-contouring the footprint and installing new stonework we were able to improve the functionality of the feature while also improving its overall look.

With a leaky waterfall, the feature did not provide the drama that the homeowner desired.

The waterfall is a single curved piece of stone, and the stream allows the koi to swim right up to the waterfall from the pond.  We directed one of the home’s downspouts into the pond, and the pond then overflows into a rain garden nearby.

Being pushed up through the constructed wetland, a stream pours down into a small pool before meandering down into the pond.

We removed all of the pond’s components, deepened and widened the pond, re-contoured the stream, and installed a skimming wet well and constructed wetland filter in place of the traditional skimmer box.

Looking across the finished pond with the skimming wet well in the foreground.

The pond now has virtually no stone below the water line, and we installed a passive bottom drain to collect any sediment that the skimming wet well doesn’t capture.  This pond has no filter mats of any kind, and the only maintenance involves removing leaves and debris from the skimming wet well.  The water is kept clean and clear through the use of phytofiltration, the layers of gravel and bog plants in the constructed wetland actively filter the water as it passes through the system.

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