Paver Cleaning, Resanding and Sealing

Just like any other exterior surface like asphalt or wood, concrete pavers last longer when regularly maintained. The accumulation of dirt, grime and organic matter in paver joints as well as on the surface can make patios, walks and driveways appear old and dirty. Additional discoloration will occur with heavy traffic and exposure to the elements. One way to moderate discoloration, impede plant growth and prevent future staining is by cleaning, resanding and sealing your paver surface.

Cleaning, resanding and sealing pavers will restore beauty to your pavers while helping to protect your investment from future wear and staining. Cleaning the surface with a pressure washer removes dirt, loose sand and other debris stuck in the joints and on the surface of the pavers. After cleaning, adding new sand to the paver joints is important to help level and stabilize the surface. Once the sand has filled in the voids within the paver joints and the excess has been cleared away, a sealant is then applied which stabilizes the sand joints while creating a protective barrier in a matte or sheen finish.

Paver Patio Before Cleaning and Sealing

Paver Patio After Cleaning and Sealing

With new state of the art products and application process developed by Seal ‘n Lock, cleaning, resanding, and sealing can be done within one day for most projects. These new innovative products can be applied to the paver surface when wet unlike other sealants which must be applied and able to cure under dry conditions. These new sealants release excess moisture from the pavers during the curing process, preventing unsightly white or yellow discoloration that is associated with many paver sealants.

Seal ‘n Lock products help beautify your hardscaping while providing an environmentally safe option that has low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and a child and pet friendly formula. With an easy spray application process the sealer has uniform and consistent coverage and the pavers can be walked on 4 hours after sealing is completed. Prevent grease, dirt, and oil stains, inhibit weed and mold growth, and protect against UV damage and future fading by sealing your pavers.

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