Unique Rain Garden

Cedar Run Landscapes has become a pioneer in creative sustainable landscapes and integrated storm water management systems. We have the tools to implement solutions to solve your stormwater issues while improving the beauty of your property. Elements such as this 4 tiered rain garden help to purify storm water by capturing runoff and allowing it to percolate into the ground. The use of native plants in these types of projects help to optimize the amount of water that is absorbed while minimizing the need to water, fertilize, and maintain the landscape.

Before work begins, an outline of where each rain garden will be located is marked on the ground.


After a day of excavation, each garden is taking shape as they are carved out of the slope.

The finished garden has 3 natural dry stacked stone walls with river stone overflows. In a large rain event, the garden is designed to allow water to overflow from one garden to the next. This will create a dramatic scene during and soon after a storm.

The 4 tiered garden retains storm water that flows from the backyard and neighboring property, preventing water from flowing down the slope and directly into the street.

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