Green Stormwater Infrastructure Partners

The Sustainable Business Network (SBN) is a group of businesses and individuals who have joined together to help build a just, green and thriving economy within the Philadelphia region. The SBN is an effective resource that helps locally-owned businesses improve their environmental and community impact while also advancing profits. Cedar Run Landscapes has been involved with SBN since 2008 when we won the triple bottom award. We have also been closely involved in the organizations newest priority initiative, Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Partners.

PDW Rain Check Project: Concrete driveway replaced with permeable pavers

The trend toward sustainable living and awareness of how individual actions impact our local environment has begun to transform how we manage our stormwater. To help improve upon this movement it is essential that industry leaders help identify the barriers small businesses come across within the GSI industry. Cedar Run Landscapes has taken up this task by participating as a member of the GSI Partners sub-committee, Local Community of Practice. This committee consists of industry leaders that are focused on growing a vibrant green stormwater approach to the management of stormwater. Several of the committee’s objectives are to grow leadership among its participants, identify any obstacles that GSI businesses come across during implementing new infrastructure, and providing recommendations to improve the process.

A rain garden capturing roof runoff from two neighboring homes.

GSI Partners was created in response to the Philadelphia Water Department’s program ‘Green Cities Clean Waters’, a 25 year plan to protect and enhance our watershed through managing stormwater with innovative green infrastructure. Cedar Run Landscapes has also been a part of the Philadelphia Water Departments Rain Check Program, which supports Green Cities Clean Waters. Check out our previous blog posts to see some of our recent projects we’ve installed through Rain Check.

Joining the green “alphabet soup”

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the chance to join what I’m calling the green “alphabet soup” of organizations that are having great discussions about conservation practices in the Philadelphia area. On May 13, I attended the Urban Land Institute (ULI) for their 2nd Annual Urban Marketplace, a day-long forum where I heard from mayors of Camden, Wilmington, and Easton about the green initiatives in their cities, and met with other policy makers and members of the green community.

I was also invited to join the Business United for Conservation Industry Partnership (BUC), and met with the group last week for a networking breakfast. The BUC was established by the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN) in response to businesses that identified the need to centralize best management practices, curriculum development, and training for storm water management. Other companies participating in the storm water management discussion included design, architecture, engineering, landscaping, green roofs, construction, and financing firms.

It’s great to see so many businesses and political leaders creating open discussion about the best practices for handling our natural resources, and I’m ecstatic to have Cedar Run Landscapes (CRL) as an active participant!