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"Zove is known for his quick, dramatic installations- think lilies and koi, cattails and cascades, gazebos and footbridges - and for his cutting-edge innovations."

~ Philadelphia Magazine

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Holmquist No Name Plan

Whether you have a straightforward design in mind for a small area or you want to incorporate features, such as retaining walls or water elements into a comprehensive project, we provide solid, creative professional work and service.

What is Design-Build?

Design-Build is the collaborative process between client, designer, and installation crew. Combining the traditionally separate disciplines of design and installation results in projects that are imaginative yet readily built. Our design staff first works with our clients to develop plans to create the outdoor living spaces they’ve envisioned. During installation the design-build process allows us to quickly respond to design changes on site, keeping the project true to the client's needs. Our skilled designers, horticulturalist, craftsmen, and technicians are committed to creating the elegant outdoor living space our clients so desire.

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